RFID Portable Inventory Reader

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RFID Portable Inventory Reader

December 6, 2012

RFID Portable Inventory Reader

Handheld, Lightweight, Enhanced

Ergonomically designed battery-powdered device rapidly reads multiple RFID-tagged items simultaneously. The handled designed allows you to capture book information with the wave of a hand. The high performance of the Portable Inventory Reader enable high speed shelf-reading, shelving, sorting, searching and weeding which as convenience as routine task. The system helps create a more orderly library environment.

Come in light weight  and handy unit, sophisticated antenna design and electronics deliver the highest read range for passive RFID tags. The unit come with adjustable wavelength that caters to different task requirement such as stock taking, mis-shelve management and missing book search base on the size of the library.

With expandable memory enable to store up to 1 million records. Easy to use with touch screen LCD, able to perform item search by input the item ID, with assistance of “BEEP” sound to locate the item, inventory taking and to locate mis-shelve book.

Available models: UHF (W800), HF (PRH101)