WISERF RFID Xecure Tag W03

  • WISERF Xecure Tag W03

WISERF RFID Xecure Tag W03

January 8, 2013


WISERF Xecure Tag W03

WISERF RFID Xecure Tag W03 is ISOcompliant RFID tag, high quality rewritable tag which helps library increase efficiency and productivity while maintain high security to the library materials.

With built-in radio frequency identification chip with an advanced RFID integrated slim and narrow circuit bonded, able to provide security and identification in single tag and¬†designed to be inserted to book spine and become a “hidden tag” that always stay in the books. This special design helps to eliminate the possibility of tearing off the traditional square size RFID book label.

Xecure Tag W03 able to store item ID, call number, book title and security information, which allows to be used as security, record management, circulation, inventory tracking and book sorting. Xecure Tag is passive tag and no battery required.