WISERF Selfcheck System

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WISERF Selfcheck System

January 8, 2013

Easy, Fast and Convenient

WISERF Selfcheck System supports patron self-service for checking materials in / out and renewal, the system processes multiple items by discharging RFID security bit and check-outs simultaneously. During transaction, system able to show patron’s ID, name, image, fee due, total borrow / return book, borrow limit. System can also block patron from barrowing book due to fee due or the book is not for open shelf. Come with built-in surveillance camera to capture patron image during all transaction activities. The captured image will be stamped with transaction details, such as date, time, patron ID, patron name, station ID and book ID.

System still able to work in offline mode during network down and auto-update all offline transaction to LMS when network back to online.

Furnished with touch screen technology, selfcheck system provides enhanced interactive services to the patrons.

Available models: RFID UHF, RFID HF, Hybrid